Maison ZOLTS

Hello, meet Smashing Good Piñatas.

Smashing Good Piñatas is a Toronto-based social enterprise that assists adults with developmental disabilities to acquire meaningful work.

Maison created the following strategy and marketing items for this handcrafted piñata e-commerce brand:

Mood board, logo, branding, and visual language – with the intent to be as vibrant and diverse as its program participants are. Branding done in partnernship with Desi6n Creative Studio.

We wanted to step away from the traditional not-for-profit brand image. Instead, we created a set of colours, graphics and symbols, that they themselves could be monetized for merch, that’s how modern and stylish we went with this project. Inspired by Crossy Road and Minecraft.

Maison assembled

brand guidelines.

We provided design recommendations for Smashing Good Pinatas website, and continuously create assorted graphics for social media and their shop based on the new products they’re currently selling.

Our good friends at Devoir Copy Co. manage and grow the Smashing Good community.

This is what ongoing, as-needed support from Maison looks like.
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