Maison ZOLTS

Smashing Good Pinatas - Primary Logo Alternate Format - Web

Smashing good, inside and out. 

Visual Language

A sister brand of Addus.


Handcrafted piñatas by 

an inclusive team of creatives. 


Smash it. For the greater good.  

Smashing Good Pinatas - Primary Logo - Web
Smashing Good Pinatas - Secondary Logo - Web
Smashing Good Pinatas - Brandmark - Web
Smashing Good Pinatas - Pattern - Web

Multimedia Narrative

Addus is a not-for-profit organization that helps neurodivergent adults and adults with developmental disabilities find meaningful work opportunities.

They sell a variety of products on their website, however the piñata is the most popular by far. 

Naturally, it made sense to turn this specific program into a brand. 

Smashing Good Pinatas - Business Card Mockup
Smashing Good Pinatas - Stationery Mockup

Exciting isn’t usually the first thing that comes to mind when you think of not-for-profit branding. 

We wanted to change that notion by creating a youthful, 8-bit gaming inspired visual language. 

Now Addus can continue to sell their hit piñatas, but they can also monetize the Smashing Good Piñatas brand via merch and other revenue streams. 

Smashing Good Pinatas - Backpack Mockup
Smashing Good Pinatas - Hat Mockup

Digital Presence

Fun, bright and youthful. Just like the product. Just like the program participants.